Vyncke Boilers

Global specialists in biomass burning

Over 100 years of experience burning biomass fuel

Vyncke has acquired a lot of expertise in converting biomass and other solids to energy. They have more than 4000 references worldwide, providing all types of energy from hot water, steam, thermal oil heaters, and power generation.

Vyncke and Windsor have a partnership to bring their world class stepgrate boiler plants  into New Zealand and Australia.

Vyncke LSOLÉ Series Boilers

Vynke boilers are perfect for applications from 2MW to 10MW in size.

For both hot water and saturated steam, the Vynke LSOLÉ boilers have been designed and built with advanced technical principals creating an extremely efficient and economical piece of equipment.

The LSOLÉ Series boilers are made up of a combination watertube furnace and a completely integrated firetube boiler. This gives you the benefits of water-cooled furnace walls requiring minimal refractory, while also having compact high performance steam generation.

The heart of Vyncke boilers are the water cooled moving Step Grates. These grates have been developed to burn a large range of biomass fuels with moisture content up to 57%. The step grate is equipped with sections of moving grate elements for controlled fuel distribution.