Tubular Type Air Heaters

Indirect air heater with full inspection capabilities

Windsor TT indirect fired air heaters are a compact, efficient and cost-effective solution, integrating the best design features of package air heaters from 1MW to 16MW rated output.

Key reasons to invest in Windsor Indirect Fired Tubular Air Heaters

  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand
  • Full access to the process air surfaces for inspection
  • Highly flexible options available for configuration and scalability to best suit your individual plant requirements
  • Highest performance and efficiencies, with options for even greater efficiency with addition of recuperator or reconomiser modules.
  • Process air free from contamination with all process air contact surfaces made from high quality stainless steel and no direct contact between heating medium and process air.
  • Gas or liquid fuel firing with dual fuel or co-firing capability
  • Fitted with state-of-the-art Dreizler or Weishaupt high tech burner and combustion management
  • Full after-sales support from Windsor Energy nationwide