Fuel Conversions

Choose Windsor for the security that your conversion will be completed safely and smoothly

Step away from coal and burn biomass fuel in your boiler

biofuel pellets

With our large and diverse amount of experience, Windsor know how to convert your boiler to burn whatever fuel you can find. This could include purchased fuel such as pellets or woodchip, or even waste fuels like sawdust and sludge.

Once our clients have selected or sourced their fuel, we can progress with some or all of the steps below.

Study / Trial / Design / Execute

For the more involved and intricate projects, Windsor have developed a four stage process for Fuel Conversions to ensure we can execute the project in a collaborative manner, and make sure our clients expectations are being met at every stage.

1. Feasibility Study

Firstly we begin with a simple desktop feasibility study to assess whether it’s efficient and economical to proceed with the conversion.

2. Fuel Trial

Our combustion and performance engineers together with the site team will then proceed with a controlled fuel trial to prove the project viability and to assess what areas or equipment will require modifications, replacements or additions.

3. Front End Engineering Design

The purpose of this stage is to design for any changes that may have been discovered in the fuel trial, and to finalise the budget for the conversion project.

4. Project Execution

The Windsor Energy team will use their 40+ years of experience in boiler design, installing, and commissioning to ensure your old boiler performs as good as new on the chosen fuel.

See the downloads section for a case study on the largest fuel conversion in New Zealand, completed by Windsor, at the Fonterra Te Awamutu site. Using the collaborative steps above, Windsor were able to ensure Fonterra maintained their original MCR of their 43MW superheated steam boiler.