Electrode Boilers

Our partner, Elpanneteknik, is a world leader in electrode boiler technology

Since the 1980’s, Elpanneteknik have been world leaders in the field of large electric and electrode boilers, providing economic, sustainable and reliable boilers to Europe and the world. With experience in industrial heating, district heating, and grid frequency balancing, Elpanneteknik can provide the solution for you.

With proven efficiencies at 99%, Elpanneteknik and Windsor will provide industry leading performance and project execution to New Zealand clients

Windsor Energy is the exclusive representative for Elpanneteknik in Australia & New Zealand


Elpanneteknik and Windsor Energy can offer boilers in the following ranges:
  • Steam Boilers – High and low pressure options
    • High Voltage Immersion Type – From 6MW to 60MW
  • Hot Water Boilers
    • From 4MW to 60MW
Unmatched flexibility in heat load and ramp rates

Unlike their solid and fossil fuel counterparts, electrode boilers adjust the water level in the boiler to suit the load required by the system, and heat only what is required. This also means that when there is no demand, they can switch off, and equally as fast switch back on when the load returns. All this is a compact package makes electrode boilers a game changer for New Zealand industries.

What about the Water?

Water specifications are key to any boiler package, but especially electrode boilers, as the boiler water needs to conduct the electricity efficiently for maximum performance. Windsor can help advise water treatment requirements to ensure your electrode boilers operates as efficiently and reliably as possible.