B&W Towerpak™ Boilers

The Windsor Energy flagship for saturated or superheated steam

Burn a wide range of solid fuels with these versatile and efficient solid fuel boilers
B&W Towerpak Boilers.
The versatile and reliable boiler to burn virtually any fuel economically.

The legendary Babcock and Wilcox (B&W) Towerpak boilers have been our staple solid fuel boilers for many years. We have an extensive history of successful B&W Towerpak boilers burning a wide, ever growing, range of biomass fuels.

The Towerpak is a two drum natural circulation design which is bottom supported so that boiler support steel requirements are minimised. The furnace utilises water cooled fully welded membrane tube panels to provide a completely welded gas tight enclosure, stiffened with buck-stays, and covered with insulation and external cladding which requires no boiler house building.

The design of the Towerpak boiler, with a compact, efficient generating bank, can allow for a smaller footprint than other single drum arrangements.


B&W Towerpak™ Advantages

  • Small footprint and compact design make for a cost-effective boiler, especially for boilers > 20MW
  • Familiarity and experience in New Zealand. The Towerpak™ has dominated the large solid fuel fired industrial boiler market in NZ
  • Proven on all NZ biomass fuels including very wet and high silica fuels
  • Minimal refractory is required – low maintenance, and allows for faster ramp rates
  • Can be paired with a variety of combustion systems to best suit the fuel available. See below…

The B&W Towerpak can be paired with any of the following combustion systems.