Steampac™ Reverse flame steam boilers designed in-house

The Steampac ™ RF is a wet-back reverse flame (RF) three pass steam boiler.

High efficiency heat transfer is achieved by two effective flow passes within the combustion furnace tube, followed by a final pass through tubes fitted with spiral retarders.

The design provides large steam and water storage, compact design, reliable performance, high efficiency, and the ability to meet wide load demands.

Windsor’s RF boilers are continually enhanced by incorporating the latest advancements along with carefully selected working components from reputable partners, achieving very high levels of reliability at low operating costs.

Key reasons to invest in
Steampac™ Reverse Flame steam boilers

  • Steampac Reverse Flame steam boilers are designed in New Zealand.
  • Thermally efficient with a reverse flame design for compact, long lasting boilers.
  • Wide range of firing fuels (gas, light & heavy fuel oils) with dual fuel options.
  • As standard fitted with state-of-the-art Weishaupt burners, ARI valves and Gestra instruments.
  • Comprehensive e-boiler PLC based control system complies with AS 2593 & New Zealand Unattended Boiler Code.
  • Full after-sales support from Windsor Energy nationwide.