Fonterra Waitoa Boiler Leaves The Workshop

The Fonterra Waitoa project has reached an exciting milestone as fabrication of the boiler furnace and economiser are now completed.

The following pictures show the boiler pieces and economiser leaving our workshop in Thailand and being shipped to New Zealand.

Boiler Generating Bank

Due to the size of the boiler furnace, it is transported “flat-packed” for assembly on site. This modular construction includes the four furnace panels transported together weighing 59 tonnes and the generating bank weighing 66.5 tonnes. Once on site, the construction team will assemble the boiler lying on its back, then lift and rotate the boiler into its final position.

Boiler Furnace Panels

The economiser is a much more compact unit shipped in one piece. Being packed with tubes, it weighs an impressive 45.5 tonnes.