Installing a New Biomass Boiler at Fonterra Waitoa

Windsor’s client Fonterra has committed to net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and to transition off coal by 2037. Windsor Energy is proud to have been selected to deliver a brand new 30MW (45t/h) steam boiler plant fired on wood biomass for the Waitoa site. The new boiler will enable the retirement of one of the existing coal boilers on site and will substantially help Fonterra reach their 2030 commitment for a 30% absolute reduction in CO2 emissions across its operations.

The boiler will be fired using a state-of-the-art bubbling fluidised bed combustion system. The bubbling fluidised bed (BFB) differs from standard grate type combustion systems as the fuel burns within a hot turbulent sand bed. Combustion in the BFB is more efficient and complete due to the intimate contact between the bed material and the fuel. This ensures Fonterra is getting the best value out of their fuel, as well as allowing a wide range of moisture content fuels to be burnt. The BFB system is also known for its lower emissions due to the improved carbon burnout compared to a stoker or step grate solution.

The Waitoa boiler project is planned to be completed and in full operation by the end of 2023.