Pulverised Pellet Burners

Allowing our clients to use a bio-fuel, without having to install a large solid fuel boiler.

Pulverised pellet burners are the best of both worlds

Pulverised pellet burners can be retrofitted onto existing gas or oil fired watertube boilers, or they can be paired with a Windsor Steampac™ Water Tube boiler.

A pulverised package will include a pellet hammer mill, fuel feeding equipment, and pellet burner. Windsor will seamlessly integrate this into your energy plant to complete the fuel storage system, take care of any boiler upgrade that may be required, and add biomass emissions control to the back end of your boiler.

A compact biomass dust burner

Windsor can offer innovative pulverised pellet burners for:

  • Solid fuels : Pulverised wood, Waste and Agro
  • Liquid fuels: Bio oil, pine tar
  • Gaseous Fuels: Biogas


  • Less moving parts than traditional biomass fuel systems
  • Fast reaction times to follow fluctuating steam load
  • Quick start and stop operation
  • Can co-fire with natural or liquid fuels


  • Start-up and load burners for waste to energy boilers
  • Retrofittable for conversion of liquid and gas fired appliances
  • Dual fuel applications