Vibrating Grate

B&W Vølund Water-Cooled Vibrating Grates



A water-cooled vibrating grate can burn fuel from 20%-60% moisture content

The vibrating grate is a combustion technology that utilises intermittent shaking of the grate to move the ash towards the front of the grate and discharge into an ash conveyor. With the help of windswept spout feeders, the fuel on a vibrating grate can be distributed evenly over the entire grate.

Windsor’s go-to vibrating grate combustion system includes a water loop circuit to help regulate the temperatures of the grate.

The water from the grate is independent of the boiler circuit, with the grate water cooled by using the heat to preheat combustion air.

Water cooling the grate allows higher undergrate air temperature to be used which aids in the combustion of high moisture content fuels, or additionally, protection for the grate if burning very dry fuels.

This allows the combustion of the most broad range of fuel moistures.