Windsor’s Role in GIDI Funding

The New Zealand government have created an initiative investing in the decarbonisation of industrial process heat. The focus of the fund (known as the Government Investment in Decarbonising Industry fund, or GIDI fund) is to boost decarbonisation of industrial processes through energy efficiency, innovative technologies, and fuel switching.

So far, two rounds of funding have been announced and a third is expected to be announced at the start of 2022 to total NZ$69m dollars of government investments. Some of the projects that have been awarded funding include electrification of processes, boiler fuel conversions, replacing fossil fuel burning boilers with electrode, electric, or biomass fired boilers, and energy efficiency measures.

Windsor is delighted to be involved with this initiative both by assisting our clients with their GIDI fund applications and implementing decarbonising projects with the successful applicants.

At Windsor Energy we are well experienced in the process energy field and have the understandings and capabilities to inform decisions and execute projects. Stay tuned to hear about our upcoming projects that were made possible with the co-investing from GIDI funding.