Commissioning New Zealand’s First High Pressure Electrode Boiler

It’s all go at Mataura Valley Milk as we work through the commissioning phase of Project Recharge installing their new 20MW electrode boiler. This phase of the project is a bit different for an electrode boiler compared to a solid fuel boiler. There are no screws, conveyors or other moving parts to commission, no fans to align, or even combustion to tune (no fire to gaze at!) – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t work to do!

Boiler Circulation Pumps

Tuning an electrode boiler is still a critical and delicate process. Every project will have a different recipe of feedwater made up from the site’s water treatment and condensate conditions – it’s absolutely critical we can maintain the necessary boiler water conductivity to ensure we can produce steam at the highest efficiency possible (>99.5%).